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Seven Wonders Safaris Tanzania

Thinking of coming to Tanzania for a safari ? Seven Wonders Safaris has put up packages that will suit your time and budget. Perhaps you are wondering where to go, the best destinations in Tanzania or even where to stay while on Safari?  We have all these questions answered by our destination experts.
Regardless of whether you are searching for a luxurious Tanzania Safari or just the simple budget safari,  Seven Wonders Safaris  have all it takes to arrange the best safari in Tanzania for you and your loved ones !
Tanzania is one of the best countries on the African continent where you can enjoy a true African safari as it prides of impressive landscapes, and outstanding populations of wildlife best seen its various national parks.inquire now

We do arrange safari packages based on your time, number of days and budget.

Safari Offers 2017

3 Day Tanzania Safari, Ngorongoro & Lake Manyara
3 Days and 2 Nights Tanzania Safari Detailed Itinerary Day 1 Arusha – Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Distance: 190 kilometers about Four Hours drive. Pick-up from your Arusha hotel. Travel to Ngorongoro CraterRead More...
4 Day Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro- Serengeti Safari Tanzania
4 Days and 3 Nights Tanzania Safari Detailed Itinerary Day 1 Arusha – Lake Manyara National Park Leave Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park to arrive at your lodge for lunch. AfterRead More...
5 Day Ruaha-Mikumi Tanzania safari
Tour overview The safari will take you to Ruaha National park where you will enjoy several game drives, you will also get a chance to visit Mikumi National park where you willRead More...
5 Day tour to Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tanzania & Serengeti
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7 Day safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater
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7 Day safari to Masai Mara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, & Lake Manyara
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7 Day Wildlife Safari Tanzania
Tour overview This safari will give you a chance to visit the great Serengeti National park were you will be able to enjoy the annual wildebeest migration and many other animal species,Read More...
7 Days to Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater
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8 Day Cultural & wildlife safari in Tanzania
Tour overview This safari will help you enjoy the culture of the Maasai people and their way of life. The other attractions to enjoy include; Lake Naivasha           were you will enjoy theRead More...
A 12 day safari to Ngorongoro, lake Manyara, Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, and Nairobi –treetops & Samburu
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Visit Tarangire, Lake Eyasi, Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti Game reserve in Tanzania. Lots of sighseeing tours in Tanzania. More

Where to Go on Safari in Tanzania?

What to do ,Tanzanian Safari?

4 Days Serengeti Wildebeests Migration tour
4 Days Serengeti Wildebeests Migration tour

Approximately 1.5 million Wildebeest and Zebras annually migrate between Tanzania and Kenya. A trip of a lifetime indeed.

Tanzania Safari with Kids / Children
Tanzania Safari with Kids / Children

Tanzania offers a lot to families vacationing with children. Lots of safari activities to kids of all ages.

African Photo Safari, Tanzania
African Photo Safari, Tanzania

Enjoy splendid game drives in this various parks busting with a variety of wildlife. Great opportunities of photography.

Walking Safari in Tanzania
Walking Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best countries on the African continent where you can enjoy walking safaris.

Balloon Safari Tanzania
Balloon Safari Tanzania

Freshness of African air, chills on your face by the wind that thumps you is all part of the greatness you will enjoy.

Cultural Tours in Tanzania
Cultural Tours in Tanzania

Explore the true traditional life style of the people living in these rural areas and witness the way of life in Africa!!

Birdwatching in Tanzania
Birdwatching in Tanzania

Tanzania bird checklist that consist of over 1100 species. Even novices to encounter at least 50 to 100 species.

Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking
Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking

Enjoy breathtaking sights of the peak which is the highest roof in Africa. Great trekking packages available for adventure climbers.


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How many animals will i see?
With lots of animals in Tanzania, this destination tops the list when it comes to African Tanzania safari adventures. You will find over Four million animals within the wilds of Tanzania, from over 430 species, in accordance with Lonely Planet. Also there are over 1,000 bird species, 60,000 insect species and 100 snake species. In brief, Tanzania is a destination to view a great diversity of wild animals living within their natural environment. Google+

One of the frequently asked quesion is how much will a Tanzania safari cost ? What really determines the cost or price for a trip the the type of accommodation that you choose. A luxury Tanzania safari lodge will definately cost you higher than a campsite or hostel.

Safari Types: Group or Private

We arrange private Tanzania safaris, meaning that you and your friends will be the only ones using our safari vehicle and guide. Some of our safaris are meant for a couple or wife and husband or with a small group of friends, from 2 to 6 persons. We also arrange family Tanzania safari vacations that favor the comfort of your children.

Where To Stay?

Thinking of having a successful trip to Tanzania but not sure of where to stay? Tanzania as a tourism destination has lodges , hotels and camps that cater for every type of budget, from the cheap or shoestring traveller to the luxurious tourist.  Where you will stay will depend on how much you can raise for your safari. Its always the accommodation aspect that makes the Tanzania safari cheaper or expensive.

In case your main cause of visiting Africa is to experience a variety of African wildlife in pristine wilderness, then certainly Tanzania must be your destination of preference. You simply can’t match the wildlife numbers present in Tanzania.

The parks plus wildlife safari reserves in Tanzania are populated by huge herds of wildebeests distributed over the Serengeti savannah, large numbers of elephants plus buffaloes, in addition to plains game plus their predators. The animals roam freely, just like they have for millions of years ago.

Ways to get to big cities within Tanzania :There are a number of airlines that serve from Asia, US, Middle East and Europe to Tanzania; To Kilimanjaro International Airport; Ethiopian Airlines, KLM plus Kenya Airways .
To Dar es salaam Airport; Gulf Air, British Airways, Emirates and Swiss Air KLM Royal Dutch Airlines fly from large cities in United States through Amsterdam up to Dar es Salaam as well as Kilimanjaro.South African Airlines fly from US through Johannesburg to DAR es Salaam

You can also reach Tanzania through African Regional Cities, served by Nationwide Airlines, Air Tanzania, Air Kenya, Air Zimbabwe, South African Airways, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Air Lines

International Airports
There are four main International Airports inside Tanzania;
* Kilimanjaro (JRO); 45 minutes drive to Arusha town
* Dar es Salaam (DAR); 10 mins drive to city
* Mwanza (MWZ); 10 mins from City
* Zanzibar (ZNZ); 10 mins from Stone town.

Passports or Visas
Most visitors require visas with the exception of citizens of certain countries of the Commonwealth.
The majority of visitors need visas except for citizens of particular countries of Commonwealth.
It is best to obtain them ahead of time from Embassies as well as High Commissions as various Airlines prefer to do so then before departure.

Visa can as well be acquired on arrival at Kilimanjaro plus Dar es Salaam airports as well as at the Namanga Gate along the Tanzania-Kenya border. A single entry visa goes for USD 50. Needs may change therefore you are encouraged to contact the suitable diplomatic / consular authority before finalizing your arrivals.

Even though section of the union of Tanzania and Zanzibar remains independent, Tanzania visas plus passports are needed even on a visit of one day.

Visitors coming from countries have been infected with cholera plus yellow fever should present international certificate of vaccination, this is very important for those coming from nearby African countries.

The department of health in UK suggests vaccinations against typhoid, hepatitis A as well as polio. It is crucial for visitors to receive a dose of anti malaria tablets, beginning 2 weeks before travelling.

Contemporary medical services are offered in Dar es Salaam as well as other main cities. There are just a few chemists in the Tanzania, therefore visitors are recommended to carry their personal medicines.

You can go for a Tanzania safari at anytime of the year, but the best months to go are between June and December.  During the high season, hotels and lodges are more expensive due to the demand.  During the low season, you can get a better safari deal to any destination.
Tanzania is a country that does not experience winter. Temperatures within Northern Tanzania vary from 60 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day and 40 to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime from May up to October.   In November up to March, day time temperature differs from 70 to 90 Degrees Fahrenheit and then 60 and 75 Degrees Fahrenheit during the night. Remember that the weather is greatly unstable.

On your packing list, u remember your binoculars, camera plus camcorder for nice photography and also take a torch to find your path around the camp during the night. Carry along some replacement batteries during your trip.  Take insect repellent, sunglasses, lip balm, a hat plus sun lotion and other practicalities. For preparation purposes, you need to purchase these in time.

* It is advisable to carry any medicines necessary for the time period of your Tanzania safari.

* Although travelers cheques can be changed in towns plus cities, banking facilities in rural areas are limited, so take enough cash.

* Take ample film; it’s challenging to acquire outside centers.

* An extra set of spectacles or contact lenses is as well a wonderful idea.

Travel Light

Some Air charters restrict the luggage to a maximum of 10 to 15 kg, therefore endeavor to travel light.

Take with you an additional bag if you have additional items to be kept during a scheduled trip.


English is broadly spoken however a few Swahili words are usually appreciated.

* The Tanzania Shilling is the unit of currency and it is separated in to 100 cents.

* Don’t change your money on the street regardless of how low the rates may be.

* The majority of main currencies especially US Dollars, Euros plus Pounds; cash as well as travelers cheques are allowed and are exchangeable at banks as well as the bureau de change within the large towns plus tourist regions

* Import plus Export of Tanzanian currency is unlawful.

* Credit cards aren’t broadly allowed and offer bad exchange rates.

* Visitors may bring in any quantity of foreign currency, and no currency declaration is needed.

* Maintain demarcated tracks so as not to damage the vegetation.

* Do not leave your car while in the parks with the exception of specified places.

* Maintain your distance away from wild animals and be silent to prevent upsetting them. Always at all times follow the instructions of the ranger or your guide

* It is advisable to spend additional time in fewer parks. You’ll observe more and will not go back home tired.

* Tanzania is very large so travel by road can be exhausting bafaut this is exciting especially if you are on a Tanzania safari adventure.

Tanzania is not very cold therefore we recommend lightweight clothing. Do away with brightly colored clothes while on safari, because these may distress the animals. Preferably carry along khaki, Browns plus beiges. Short sleeve shirts plus blouses as well as shorts are perfect, and also remember to carry a sweater since it may be very cold in the early morning or in the evening.

Put on a hat to protect against sun-stroke and remember to bring a swimsuit. Your shoes must be strong enough.

To climb Mt Kilimanjaro or Mountain Meru carry along thermal underwear, sturdy boots, a rain jacket plus good socks.

Women are allowed to wear shorts however they shouldn’t be very short.

Women must carry a drape to cover themselves in towns or in villages since revealing clothes are offensive to the locals particularly in Zanzibar as well as other Muslim regions. On the beach as well as in the confines of beach-hotels, you are free to wear swimwear however nudity is not allowed.

How Much should I Tip? This is not obligatory however a tip for outstanding service will certainly be appreciated. Tip of $10 to $15 each day for drivers plus tour guides however remember big tips can make it challenging for the next client.

You’re greatly recommended to have your personal insurance to cover medical, travel, accident, baggage and personal injury.

Pictures and Photography

It is not allowed to take pictures of government facilities, State house, soldiers, airports, border post, police stations, police or military installations.

Remember to get information from your driver-guide before you take pictures. When on safari, ensure you get a way of safeguarding your camera from the dust. Since most of the game viewing is done early in the morning and also late in the afternoon, then 100 / 200 ASA film is best recommended. A telephoto or zoom lens is recommended.

Is it safe to travel to Tanzania at any time of the year,  Visit our blog for current news and information  about various destinations within Tanzania.
Just in most of the main international cities, rational security measures must be observed. Closely watch your purses, cameras, handbags, and wallets. Do not wear expensive or flamboyant jewelry.

It is recommended to hire a taxi in case you want to move around during the night particularly for your own safety, avoid dark streets plus deserted lanes.

In case you’re with our driver-guides then it is recommended to leave your cameras plus other gadgets with him as you walk around.
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