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As you glide up the vast plains of the Serengeti, the feeling is beyond description, the freshness of African air, chills on your face by the wind that thumps you is all part of the greatness you will enjoy while in the hot air balloon. You will slowly but surely rises, with softness in your exhale breath, and the thrill to spot as well as learn more.

What to Expect on a Balloon Trip

The trip normally starts with you been awakened by your safari guide after a wonderful night in one of the safari lodges found in central Serengeti. This will be very early in the morning. But as you yawn away your sleep, your mind will be occupied by the thrilling thought of the adventure of sighting at the wild animals right below you, which you are about to have. You will be served with Tanzania’s fresh customary hot tea or coffee which will fast awaken you, and actually help you prepare for your adventure.

By six o’clock in the morning, you will be arriving at the site within the Serengeti where the hot air balloon will be launched. As you move toward this site, you will discover that the balloon is actually bigger than what you had anticipated. This safari in Tanzania experience is actually one among the best you will ever have in your entire life with rewards of breath taking sights of various wild animal species right below you.

The Balloon Safari Experience

At about fifteen minutes past six o’clock in the morning, you will finally Liftoff and begin your hot air balloon safari. The very hospitable captain will request you to loosen up and entirely experience the true wonders Mother Nature offers us beneath the African sky. As you ultimately begin to get a grasp of the elevation, you will definitely have an internal smile that will be echoed on your face and definitely needs no explanation. The numerous wildebeests moving about the vast Serengeti plains, the splendid attractiveness of the terrain as the large bright orange colored sun rises with its rays spreading from the horizon, the numerous elephants drinking at the water-pool, as well as the gazelles plus zebras running away – as though this was their initial time to see a foreign object up in their sky; is all very spectacular.

After the African Balloon Safari

After a one hour’s ride in the sky, you will definitely be very satisfied with this impressive balloon safari, and then you shall finally land back to the ground. There will be a celebration, and those interested in having a champagne toast you will definitely enjoy one as you wait for a hot bush breakfast which will soon after be served.  Several questions will cross you mind: did I just have that adventure in Africa?  In the vast Serengeti? In Tanzania? And yes! This lifetime adventure you will definitely enjoy in Tanzania. You will enjoy your scrumptious breakfast with the aroma of African coffee or African tea filling the entire surround. This will be served with fresh eggs and just as you finalize with your meal, you will desire to have another balloon ride, and yearn that this luxury never came to end. At the finish your bush breakfast in the Serengeti, you may actually desire to spend some additional days in Tanzania as such adventure can best be experienced in this country.

At about nine o’clock in the morning – that is after your breakfast, you will be awarded a certificate of having participated in the balloon safari and this you will carry with you back as a souvenir to show to your family friends as well as relatives.

This will be the finish of the balloon safari and from here you can return to your place and prepare for your onward adventure in Tanzania.

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