Cultural tours are actually developmental projects conducted in the villages in the different parts of Tanzania. They offer you an opportunity to well explore the true traditional life style of the people living in these rural areas, and yet still contribute to the various developmental initiatives or projects being conducted in the various areas.

These cultural tours normally offer a diversity of offer adventures, among which are visits to traditional medicine men, visiting the cheese factories, taking a camel safari, joining in on mountain treks, visiting the local villages and learning more about their culture, norms and practices.

The accommodation normally offered is simple, but very hygienic, a number of villages posses private guest houses which offer scrumptious local traditional dishes at very affordable prices. In case you visit areas that do not have guesthouses, you spend the nights in camps with well pitched tents.

A set  percentage of the proceeds made from these cultural tours  is directly given back to the village communities , and this assists the local residents to finance a number of the local projects they a running such as construction of cattle dips, health centers, and schools. The local people are very hospitable and they certainly accept any small gifts offered to them, in addition to donations made to the different projects. Fortunately you will have an opportunity to personally see the how these proceeds are locally utilized and on request you can be shown the books of account to see the accountability of the financial contribution that have been made.

Below are a few highlights of some of the Tanzania safari destinations where you can enjoy a wonderful cultural experience.

The Maasai Cultural Village

Explore the local Maasai communities and learn more about their impressive culture which for years and years they have long well preserved. Your guide will take you around and explain to you the fascinating lifestyle of these people. You may be entertained by their traditional dances. The Maasai people are well known as pastoralism who graze herds of cattle, goats, donkeys plus sheep. These people were known for moving very long distances with their livestock as they searched for fresh pastures and water. However as the years went by they have started living in permanent settlements and their diet is complimented milk, blood, grain and meat.  These people are historic for their own dependence, physical courage as well as fierceness as warriors.



The Olduvai Gorge

This is also known as the cradle of Mankind and is s historic site in which great discoveries where made regarding the long ago existence of humans on the African continent. This archaeological site is where the Leakey’s made the great discovery of hominid remains dated to be millions of years old.  The area surrounding this gorge offers breathtaking views of wildlife as they are wonderful habitat to the fauna in this area. the gorge was curved out on the walls of the escarpment by water and is situated in the southern section of the vast Serengeti plain. Actually its name was a misspell of a local Maasai word ‘Oldupai’. You will be able to visit the small museum in this place in which you will have sights of the Laetoli footprints. This adventure can be combined with visits to the Serengeti or the impressive Ngorongoro Crater.



Lake Victoria Fishing Village

Visit the traditional fishing community right on the shore of the vast Lake Victoria. This big lake s actually the source of the longest river in Africa, River Nile and is situated on the exterior western rim of the Serengeti. While on this adventure, you can choose to spend the nights at Kirawira tented Lodge, or at Mbalageti Tented Lodge or Grumeti River Tented Lodge.


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