Although the popularity of the Zanzibar Island continually escalates among travelers, Zanzibar is still a rural, tranquil paradise, with great history, culture as well as spicy intrigue. Among the other islands on the Zanzibar Archipelago are the Mafia Island, Mnemba Island plus the Pemba Island and which remain very pristine, and present visitors an opportunity to experience the exotic luxury close to the vast Indian Ocean.




Zanzibar Beach Holidays

The name Zanzibar is more suggestive of spices, colorful fabrics plus pristine beaches bordered with coral reefs. Situated off Tanzania’s eastern coast, this beautiful African paradise holds a great history and tropical climate, with very lively multi-cultural people as well as a diversity of Zanzibar accommodation facilities to make this Zanzibar island a holiday destination with unforgettable experiences.

Unguja Mjini which is the island’s capital or call it the Zanzibar town has markets that are at all times lively, with the resonance of the traders and the aroma of thousand spices. The Stone Town  is the is the island’s ancient quarter and today stands as one of the  World Heritage Site because of its great historical as well as cultural importance.

Stone Town Tours Zanzibar

Stone Town has a number of winding paved streets and is ideal for strolling and offers a diversity of cultural plus historical unearthing. Other than the cold island ambiance plus the activity in Stone Town, there are more attractions found below the surrounding water.

Zanzibar offers exceptional diving opportunities perceived to be among the finest in the entire world and offers a number of diving spots around the island. These present a remarkable underwater-safari to out-compete even your very memorable adventures on the mainland. Diving can be done all through the year, even from December to March; these months present the finest scuba diving opportunities. So before making your safari to Zanzibar, I strongly recommend that you confirm the best time to carry out whichever activities you hope to engage in during your holiday on the island.

Fortunately a Zanzibar holiday can be combined with several Tanzania mainland wildlife adventure to give you more pleasure from your holiday. All the same, while in Zanzibar you will pleasure in the scrumptious cuisines that blend Africa-coastal, to European, Arab as well as some English dishes. The choice remains all up to you.

For a more pampering exquisite safari amidst luxury and glamour, you can choose to spend a number of nights at the beautiful private Mnemba Island in Mnemba Island Lodge.

Zanzibar Holiday Accommodation

Nonetheless it is always recommended that before embarking on a pleasure holiday to Zanzibar, you put into consideration the type of accommodation you desire. You can either use your travel agent or directly search the internet and see the various options the island offers. During the peak months specifically December, it is very vital that you book in advance so that you get your dream accommodation, meanwhile the off peak season from March all through to May, can allow for last minute bookings. During these months,, it normally rains through the night presenting a very perfect ambience for loved to cuddling against each in the night and then be greeted by the warm morning sunshine.

Zanzibar is a perfect place holiday adventures and actually offers a lot more than you can expect. Below I have highlighted some of the safaris you can enjoy while on the island.

  • Diving and Snorkeling safaris,
  • Family safaris,
  • Weddings,
  • Honeymoon safaris, and
  • Beach Holidays.

Some of the Highlights you can enjoy while in the lovely Zanzibar island include:

  • exceptional Scuba Diving,
  • Romantic Sunset Cruises on dhows,
  • Spice Tours on the island,
  • Exploring remarkable Stone Town,
  • Island Hopping, and
  • Beach Holidays.
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