selous game reserve

Larger than the country Switzerland as well as four times the actual size of the vast Serengeti, the Selous which is a 50 000 square kilometer wilderness expanse is the most attractive wildlife safari viewpoint in Africa. It is among the perfect top destination for those in search for more adventure in the less traveled parts of Africa.

The park is a vast game reserve with exceptionally high concentration of wild animals among which are 100 000 buffaloes, 50 000 impalas, 40 000 hippos, 5 000 zebras and 150 000 wildebeests. The population of giraffes in the Selous is overwhelming that the park has been pet-named as the Giraffic Park. In addition it is a great destination for bird watching with close to 350 species of recorded within the Selous.

Selous Wildlife Safaris

The big numbers of large concentration in the park is no surprise given the rich abundance of food for them. There are about 4,000 lions here, approximately 1,300 wild dogs which is so far the biggest concentration in the whole of Africa, in addition to several cheetahs, leopards and hyenas.

The Selous in addition holds one of the greatest  elephant concentration of the African  continent, with over  110 000 back in time although this number was reduced by the great ‘Ivory Wars’ that happened through the  70’s and 80’s and reduced the population to current day population of about  60 000 elephants.

Similarly the population of black rhinos has greatly lessened to a current day population of about 200 rhinos remaining as compare to the 3,000 that existed back in the 1970’s.

The Selous safaris can be merged with other Tanzania safari destinations such as the Gombe stream and the Mahale National Park to view the primates and the birds in these areas.

Game Viewing Safaris in Selous

Unique about the Selous is that it is the only park in the Tanzania where you can enjoy game views not only in vehicles but on foot and boat as well. Important to note is that the park is not well accessible by road so the most favorable way to access it is by flights. Guided wildlife walks in addition to night fly-camping also known as mobile tents add to the excitement you will enjoy while on your safari in Tanzania. Fortunately unlike most National Parks in Tanzania, Selous is not subjected to the restrictions that preside over these national parks meaning that integrate more in safari experience including tracking lions, and camping close to the waters populated with hippos plus crocodiles.

Astonishingly, this reserve is less traveled as compared to the parks in the north. And despite this being the biggest conservation area in the whole of Africa only the northern part of the Selous of is available to visits by tourists. Most of this reserve is set aside for private hunting as well as scientific research. Regardless of this, the part of the Selous left to the public is very wonderful featuring five interlinked lakes filled by river Rufiji, which wanders through the big reserve, bordered by the thick miombo forest on its banks.  The significant feature in the Selous is the magnificent River Rufiji, which naturally divides the ecosystem into 2 separate parts. The Stiegler’s Gorge, which is 100 meters deep as well as 100 meters wide, is a splendid natural prospect with a rocky, cable car on which safari vehicles are ferried across the beautiful river. Possibly the best inspiring way of well explore this reserve is using a boat, winding through the beautiful channels plus swamps, and explore the hidden lagoons.

Sightseeing in Selous

Steering through river plus lake network by boat offers exceptional sights of wild animals. The sand covered shores are crowded with giant crocodiles, carmine bee-eaters, and also have an opportunity to explore the swampy islands which are commonly visited by elephants. You can spend the evenings Angling for tiger fish as well as  the big catfish in the river which weigh to up to 50 kilograms. If fortunate you may be blessed with sights of lions, crocodiles and hippos. Book today for a safari in this less traveled part of Tanzania to have a tranquil encounter of Africa’s wild animals at very close proximity! For life time memories of the wonders of Africa’s wildlife, the Selous is the perfect place to be.

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