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Serengeti Safari Tanzania

The Maasai people, who for centuries have grazed their livestock in the vast Serengeti plains call this area the Siringitu, “a place where the land-moves forever”. Nonetheless, the Serengeti is most renowned for the exceptional migration that takes places every year following the rain patterns and the availability of pastures.  The vast Serengeti plains which are more of an endless area of wilderness extending to the horizon in all the different directions! This vastness serves as home to one of the largest populations of wild animals in the whole world. Important to mention is that this National wildlife sanctuary is one of the most prominent National parks in Tanzania and is well traveled by various tourists from all corners of the world.


The Annual Wildebeest Migration Sightseeing

Each year, the short rains of November in Serengeti mark the start of one among the most marvelous wildlife spectacles in the worlds. Over two million hooves match creating a cloud of dust as they progress across the Serengeti plains looking for fresh pastures.

Close to 2 million wildebeest plus thousands of zebras and gazelles traverse an annual route in a dust-raising long column which may extend to close to 40 kilometers and this is known as the  ‘Annual Serengeti Wildebeest Migration’, which is one of the  greatest shows Mother nature offers to us.

Important to note is that it is  not only tourists that  pursue closely this Serengeti Wildebeest-Migration; several  predators follow the large herd closely as there is an abundance of food for them to prey on. Among these are numerous lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas as well as crocodile, and these entirely making the long journey more dramatic.

The circular pace of nature well plays out in one among her most splendid fields as thousands of wild animals live while others die to the gulp of air offered by the different Serengeti seasons.

Because of the limited small amount and availability of permanent water in the vast Serengeti plains, the migration herd is closely attached to the patterns of rainfall. Consequently, the migration trails a somewhat predictable cycle, although the precise timing certainly varies from one year to another.

Serengeti, Where To Stay and Safari Lodges

The Serengeti offers a diversity of accommodation facilities tailored to suit your preference and budget. There are beautifully fashioned lodges for safaris in Tanzania that well blend with the surrounding environment, mobile tented-camps, luxurious villas, as well as colonial-designed retreats in which you can reside and enjoy the utmost luxury you desire. Among the most recommended accommodation facilities are: the Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp, Olakira Camp, Serengeti Bushtops Camp and Singita Explore.

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Bilila Lodge Serengeti

Think of a private retreat offering pure luxury and satisfaction. An impossible place where each and every fanciful desire is turned into reality; an establishment of pure beauty and unlimited spaceRead More…
Kleins Camp Serengeti

Kleins Camp provides great luxury accommodations within an isolated private concession of  Northern Serengeti. having Ten cottages, this Camp provides an intimate as well as a more isolated safari experience. EvenRead More…
Lemala Mara River Camp Serengeti

no one can even try to combine the words “old-fashioned” with “luxury”! Or the word “sophistication” with “wild”. It may seem a fictional irony, however, these are the very words whichRead More…
Mawe Ninga Camp Serengeti

Mawe Ninga Camp was opened in the month of February 2004, and it is an amiable tented lodge in the middle of Tarangire National Park. It is a small yet naturalRead More…
Ndutu Lodge Serengeti

Nestled in a an area of neglected forest as well as disguised under a canopy of umbrella shaped acacia trees, the alluring Ndutu Lodge is much more than only a lodge, itRead More…
Serengeti Bush Tops Camp

Faraway the beaten route, forfeited deep within the natural wilderness of the remote North Serengeti, is an entirely distinctive premise that well displays the words “Deluxe” plus “African Safari.” A locationRead More…
Serengeti Migration Camp

Similar to water-colors on canvas, the sunset soaks the western sky in a amazing crimson shade. The Shadows become longer  as an adventure filled safari day comes to an end. ThoughtsRead More…
Serengeti Private Classic Camp

Do you desire privacy, adventure, as well as the pristine wonder of nature? Do you value comfort, excellent food and high quality service? Would you like to have the greatest “onceRead More…
Serengeti Serena Lodge

You have been on a game drive the entire day, and you’re now ready to have a warm shower plus a hot meal together with all other little luxuries which are includedRead More…
Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Serengeti Sopa Lodge is a ‘hotel fashion’ mid-range lodge found within the southwestern area of Central Serengeti. This Lodge, launched in 1992, is located within the Niariboro hills and provides spectacular views,Read More…
Serengeti Soroi Lodge

  Serengeti Soroi is actually a brand new tented luxurious venue within the beautiful Western Corridor of Serengeti National Park that opened its doorways to the public in 2010 in the monthRead More…


Serengeti Safari Tours and Game Viewing


  • Trailing the spectacular annual  Wildebeest Migration,
  • Cultural visits to the adjacent Local Maasai villages/ communities,
  • Outstanding sights of some of the large Serengeti  Predators; very ideal for photography,
  • Private as well as  Exclusive concessions
  • Enjoying about an hour’s ride in the Hot-Air Balloon; this Safari offers a better view of the vast Serengeti plains unveiling to you the different wild animals,
  • Safari as well as  Beach Holidays, and
  • You can actually without effort join to a safari in the Ngorongoro Crater.


The Serengeti is a perfect place for not only wildlife adventures but offers a lot more than you can expect. Below I have highlighted some of the safaris you can take in the vast wildlife haven.

  • Migration Safaris,
  • Families Safaris,
  • Big Game Viewing Safaris, and
  • Honeymoons Safaris.

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