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There is a budget for everyone when it comes to determining how much it costs to visit Tanzania . Particularly, the least expensive game-viewing camping safari amounts from about $150 per individual each day, to approximately $250 for each person every day, all based on the number of individuals within your group, the selection of locations as well as activities. The Lodge based trips offer a wider variety, from approximately $250 for each person each day to more than $1500 for each person each day, based on the standard of accommodation you want. The main difference is the hotels or lodges you choose and must you opt to fly.

What amount does it cost you?

The price of a safari in Tanzania depends on basically 3 thing, the first being the accommodation, luxury accommodation definately attracts a high cost, if you want to minimize costs, ask for a budget or affordable option from your tour operator or safari company. The number of days on safari as well as the number of people you have to travel with reflect on the final safari bill.  If you have more pressing demands about the cost, please ask for a quote now >>

To get a great safari, you will need a number of ingredients.  An excellent guide, a stable vehicle, excellent accommodation as well as a properly-planned itinerary. We feel that these are definitely the most crucial factors. An excellent guide is regarded as the important person on your own safari.  Our guides possess at least 10 years’ experience, and they speak good English and so they knowledgeable about the national parks as well as roads as their personal shirt pocket. Your safari guide will ensure that you journey safely as well as in great time without losing your way. He will as well make your safari more outstanding by sharing his understanding of the wildlife as well as the culture.

How much money is needed to go for a safari?

 Just from $ 120 per day and this is an inclusive safari package, it has a budget option and the luxury option is available if you need to spend more. The factors that make a difference are Accommodation, destination and seasonality. This can be explained below.

The good news is that there are many safari options that are available at relatively a cheaper price from $120 to $250 per day per person.

  • The Luxury tours are not the only safaris!

For the many past years, the safari experience in Africa has been promoted as a luxury option because the luxury safaris are where big moneys are made for the luxury travel agents. The personalised itineraries, tailor made safaris, the private guides, the chauffer driven airport transfers, five star hotels, charter flights as well as other expenses are run into many dollars and these are wanted by some but not everyone of course.

Therefore, we are here to inform you that, not only can you get affordable safaris but also are the top value for the safari money. This is a good safari range to suit each and every style of travel as well as the length of stay. We cover many countries.

  • Inexpensive safaris get excellent reviews

Go on and read our trip advisor reviews, then you will get to know that budget safaris have come from far. In Africa, we have found out of how to cater for everyday people and no one will need to advance your house, cash in our retirement or cancel the collage just to see our fantastic wildlife as well as land scape.

  • Always find out the budget per day

Below are about five budget ranges that are based on USD per day quote. These budget option ranges are designed to help you understand how much you can expect to spend per day on the safari package. These trips range from 1 day to over 56 days in length, and you will know how much more or less you are spending per day and after figure out how long you can afford to travel for.

  • From to $120 to $150 per day- No add-ons
  • From $150 to $ 250 per day – Average Budget
  • From $ 250 to $500 per day – Moderate
  • From $500 to $ 700 per day- low luxury
  • From $ 700 and above per day- the tailor made and the Charters


  • Where you go and how you travel there makes a difference

Here we have shattered down each price group in terms of the main relevant trip types and the destinations applicable. Some of the destinations are more inexpensive than others- a South African tour is naturally in expensive than that of East Africa, where the park fees are important and pricing is also based in USD.

  • Spending more money doesn’t aggregate to a good trip

This comes down to the personal preferences and your safari quote is not necessarily a replication of the quality of the safari experience. For example some the tourism styles are cheaper than others. A camping overland tour will cost low per day than the lodge or Hotel based safari and in case you like to safari in a group and camping out under the stars, you might end up enjoying yourself more than the lodge or Hotel based experience.

In order to find out more about each of the tourism style, you can follow the links in the tables and proceed to the main listing page for the trip type. Here you will find a detailed description of what exactly to expect for the given type of safari in right column.

From $120 to $150 per day – No add -ons

For the low budget, this is so perfect. You will be able to get all that Africa has to offer. It’s also a no add on option, camping, meals that are basic and more wild than the real pizza. This option can be divided into the following categories.


  • From to $120 to $150 per day- No add-ons


Travel type                                    


Destination types to be visited from $ 120 to $ 150 per day
Budget camping Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Overland camping Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique
The family overland safaris Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique
The Accommodated overlands South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe
  • From $150 to $ 250 per day – Average Budget

This is also a mark above the basic and will get more experiences, camping with the odd lodge and this depends on where you travel.



Travel type                                    


Destination types to be visited from $ 150 to $ 250 per day
High class budget Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Economical camping Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania
The Lodge tours Namibia, South Africa
The Accommodated over lands South Africa, , Namibia,

From $ 250 to $500 per day – Moderate

This price range will give you some little care as well as comfort and will keep the exotic places at heart.

Travel type                                    


Destination types to be visited from $ 250 to $ 500 per day
The high class budget Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana
40 & Plus Namibia, South Africa, Botswana
The Accommodated over lands Kenya, Botswana,  Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
The Lodge tours South Africa, , Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana.
  • From $500 to $ 700 per day- low luxury

With this price range, you will not need any sense of luxury, good accommodation, great food as well as the bees knees

Travel type                                    


Destination types to be visited from $ 500 to $ 700 per day
The lodge tours Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana
  • From $ 700 and above per day- the tailor made and the Charters

With this particular option, it’s not only the best you would like but also get to decide when , where and how it gets to be served, here you will have a cake and eat it for real.


The vehicles we offer are comfortable as well as properly maintained, with good suspension plus all the required equipment and definitely will enable you to get through even the muddy areas and over difficult roads. Actually Getting trapped in the center of nowhere simply because your vehicle has broken-down is extremely frustrating, and so a excellent vehicle is crucial. Our cars possess a safari roof, which can be opened for much better viewing as well as photographic possibilities.

The reason why is a great itinerary very crucial? In case you need to go to a number of various national parks to see different locations and places, you ought to have a great itinerary that enables you to have the timing right. It isn’t fun to be the trail with no break, hurrying from one park to another, never actually stopping anywhere for enough time to take pleasure in the view. Rather, you require an itinerary which permits for plenty of time to enjoy each park you go to. A properly-designed as well as logistically-planned itinerary can protect you against  being on the road all the time and rather offer you plenty of time to unwind, appreciate the scenery as well as comprehend the fact that you’re within Africa!

We’ll take time to get acquainted with you and layout a custom-made itinerary suitable for you. We make an effort to ensure that you obtain precisely the safari you desire, as well as take time to answer all your questions. Instead of imposing our concepts, we interact with you. The most crucial thing is for you to be capable to generate the best decision. Therefore how does this approach work?


You may have already got a rough understanding of the destinations within Tanzania which you are interested in. Or maybe you are not totally sure. Just email us and inform us your first ideas. Based on your preferences, we will begin by recommending destinations you could visit, or maybe you have chosen destinations, we can give you advice concerning how to best incorporate them.

We attempt to concentrate on the price range that you decide on after which use that very price to create an itinerary surrounding your needs and preferences. A personal itinerary is obviously better than being attached to a group plan, as well as it enables plenty of spontaneity as well as overall flexibility.

To offer you an example: in case you state that you desire a cultural encounter, we can offer recommendations for places to go to, and just how that could best match with your entire itinerary. Or in case you do not enjoy flying in tiny planes simply because you become airsick, we could endeavor to layout an itinerary in which you travel largely by car. In case you inform us that you would like a couple of days simply to unwind, we can arrange a couple of days on the stunning beach.

Along with you, we’ll create your itinerary simply by asking you questions as well as contacting you through the whole process of creating your safari. Through doing this, you will have a personalized itinerary which is made to satisfy your personal desire, and you may be certain that your holiday safari goes at your personal pace, and you’re not compelled to do stuff you aren’t fascinated with.

What exactly is included in the tour price ?

Normally, organized safaris will incorporate the examples below:    Game Reserve plus National Park entrance fees, the government levies plus taxes, your transport in a safari 4 wheel drive vehicle plus a driver or guide, your transfers as identified, Three meals each day (with the exception of within towns), your accommodation as described, bottled drinking-water in addition to listed excursions besides those termed as ‘optional’.

What is not included ?

Prices don’t normally include any soft drinks, personal items like laundry, alcohol or   tips (advised $5 to $15 per member of staff each day). International air-fares plus visas and also travel insurance aren’t contained in our pricing because it is cheaper when you do book personal flights from your home country, and also visas prices differ significantly nation to nation.

Sample Safari Costs

3 Day Manyara, Ngorongoro and Tarangire $ 480 per person

Destinations incorporate Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. Additionally, you will visit the Stunning Zanzibar Islands. Together with returning flight from the city of Arusha

Ngorongoro Farm House – You’ll enjoy 3 day on a Safari as well as stay 2 nights at the Ngorongoro Farm House. A tiny yet exclusive lodge looking at the Oldeani Volcano, just 5 k from Ngorongoro Lolduare gate, it was constructed to provide our clients an authentic experience similar to the ambiance of the ancient days. The Ngorongoro Farm House is a great stopover on any safari within the Tanzanian Northern Circuit as well as a privileged destination to see the Crater or take pleasure in a couple of activities.

Going to Lake Manyara National Park – Different from the intimacy of the verdant forest are the grassy floodplains and their extensive views eastward, over the alkaline lake, towards the spectacular blue volcanic peaks which rise over the never-ending Maasai Steppes. Huge herds of buffaloes, wildebeests and zebras gather together on the grassy plains, just like giraffes (a number of them extremely dark in color that they seem to be black seen from a distance.

The Ngorongoro Crater Excursion – The Ngorongoro Crater is definitely the biggest intact caldera in the world within a unique geographical location, forming a magnificent bowl of approximately 265 sq km with deep sides of 600m, the crater floor hosts approximately 20,000 – 30,000 wild-animals all year round.

Tarangire National Park – close to 300 herds of elephants graze on the dry river-bed and look for underground streams, whereas migratory wildebeests, zebras, buffaloes, impalas, gazelles, hartebeests as well as elands congest the reducing lagoons. It is the biggest population of wildlife beyond the Serengeti ecosystem – a great feast for predators – and a destination within Tanzania in which the dry-country antelopes like the fringe-eared oryx as well as the unusual long-necked gerenuk are frequently seen.

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