Tanzania is one of the best countries on the African continent where you can enjoy walking safaris. It offers quite a number of options but this time our focus is going to be on taking walking safaris within the Selous.

Normally, walking safaris are conducted campsites which you will find positioned beneath towering shady trees adjacent to any of the several lagoons near to River Rufiji. The Selous is a wonderful Tanzania safari destination  such that by mere sitting at the front of your safari  tent you can observe the continual procession of various species of birds as well as animals all  through the day. These camps are not very big and they comprise of  up to six tents. a number of them are made using  mosquito netting such that you can spend the night directly looking out into the beautiful  African skies.


Trekking Safari Accommodation

The provided tents are spacious enough and one can actually stand in them. They have good beds facilitated with mattresses. It is actually very comfortable camping standards, but nevertheless you should not forget that you are right in the heart of Africa’s wilderness so be set to toughen it up just a little. The Showers provided are normally bucket-showers, which are complimented with hot water. There are very professional chefs who will prepare you scrumptious meals on the open fire so prepare to have a taste of Africa’s cuisine!

Another major factor that has attracted people to taking walking  safaris in the Selous is the great population of wild animals living in this vast game reserve, and the fact that it is less traveled making it an ideal destination for those who would prefer a more private, quiet and peaceful adventure in Tanzania.


Walking Safari Parks in Tanzania

Unfortunately, Tanzania does not permit walking safaris in its various National Parks with only about two exceptions.  on the other hand, the Selous is categorized  as a Game Reserve and for that reason, walking safaris are permitted in it. The walks are normally run for 3 to 4 hours. The various animals that congregate around the lake plus river systems attract a variety of large predators as well as other large animals such as: lions, crocodiles, leopards, hippos, elephants and buffalos. In addition, this area is habitat to one of the very last remaining populations of wild dog in the whole world. There are over 300 bird species in the area making it a perfect paradise for wildlife fans.

The population of buffaloes is estimated to be over 110,000 here, and taking a morning walk around the camp area may reward you with sights of  over one hundreds buffaloes moving in herds as they move toward River Rufiji to drink water.  Although it is supposed that buffaloes are violent, fierce and harsh to humans, this is quite a misconception unless if the animals are wounded or hassled.

Trekking in Selous Game Reserve

The finest time of the year to book yourself a walking safari within the Selous is from the start of June all through to September as during this time the weather is warm as well as dry, and the animals are being congested around River Rufiji which is then the most plentiful source of water in the reserve. The grasses are also short during this season so viewing the animals is made quite easy.

For those passionate about seeing birds, then the best time to visit is from October all through to March when the weather is hotter and the vegetation is greener. At this time, various bird species are hatching. However from November to January there are high chances of receiving rain in the area. The Selous can easily be accessed as it is not far away from Dar Es Salaam and since there are air-strips to the game reserve.

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