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Many people would think that a Tanzania safari is similar to that done Kenya or even South Africa, since Tanzania caters to the collective tourism market and, with really large attractions such as Serengeti and the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, it is certainly bursting. This is, on the other hand, entirely wrong and also in these more well-known areas of Tanzania, the safari plus game approach has been among aiming to conserve the wild animals plus areas for the future rather than attempting to get numerous camps as they can in the parks and reap the benefits for the short time. When organizing a safari into Tanzania there are a couple of points worth keeping in mind for your safari itinerary

Top Tourist Activities

Wildlife Safaris

From lions to elephants, leopards, wildebeest, rhinos, buffaloes, there is so much to see in Tanzania.



Birdwatching Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania bird checklist that consist of over 1100 species. Even novices to encounter at least 50 to 100 species.



Photographic Safaris in Tanzania

Enjoy splendid game drives in this various parks busting with a variety of wildlife. Great opportunities of photography.


Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours

Enjoy breathtaking sights of the peak which is the highest roof in Africa. Great trekking packages available for adventure climbers.


Walking Safari Treks

Tanzania is one of the best countries on the African continent where you can enjoy walking safaris.

Balloon Safari

Freshness of African air, chills on your face by the wind that thumps you

Wildebeest Migration

Approximately 1.5 million Wildebeest and Zebras annually migrate between Tanzania and Kenya. A trip of a lifetime indeed.

Cultural Safaris

Explore the true traditional life style of the people living in these rural areas and witness the way of life in Africa!!

Safari with Kids or Children

Tanzania offers a lot to families vacationing with children. Lots of safari activities to kids of all ages.

How long do you want to do your Tanzanian safari? –

This question affects a complete series of various aspects of whichever Tanzania safari, in the Northern parks of the Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Tarangire National Park as well as Lake Manyara National Park, and it is normally impossible to visit all these parks in less than 5 days.

An additional affect your duration of stay has on your safari is that taking a safari is a costly pastime nowadays days and, because of that, the more time you spend the more costry the entire trip will be.

In general i recommend that you focus on spending utmost one week on safari as it will enable you to explore all the various parks in the north in case you consider something a more simpler with less drive time, then go to Southern parks to visit the Selous Game Reserve together with Ruaha National Park. People interested in spending just a couple of days on safari, the ideal option is to directly drive to the Selous for a couple of nights and in just one hour reach the prestine Zanzibar island beaches.

– Are you interested in seeing any particular animal species? –

Although the majority of the game sanctuaries in Tanzania have an outstanding range of wildlife species like the wildebeests, zebras, Cape buffaloes, giraffes, lions, leopards among others, there are a number of them that have specific species not seen in others while others have particular species in overwhelming numbers.

Serengeti National Park – evidently, this park is well-known for its huge numbers of wildebeests which migrate every year around this park and, occasionally for a very big herd of up to two million wildebeests, zebras in addition to gazelles.

Tarangire National Park – from June to the end of October this Tarangire National park is the convergence place for several thousands of huge elephant which gather here from very far destinations like Amboseli NP found in Kenya. It is nearly as fascinating a destination as the millions of migrating animals in the Serengeti.

The Ngorongoro Crater – this beautiful volcanic crater is habitat to some of the finest sights of black rhinos across the African continent and, for people that are interested in seeing them this is the perfect place to visit.

The Selous Game Reserve – this amazing wildlife park found in the southern Tanzania, is among the last surviving homes of the African Hunting Dog, also known as the wild dog. The park ass well features various animals associated with water like hippos plus crocodiles and is as well home to leopards and elephants.

Ruaha National Park – perhaps the greatest Tanzania park to visit in case you are interested in seeing large groups of lions roaming about. It is as well very good for viewing cheetahs and the intermittent wild dogs. Since it shares its boundaries with Zambia it as well gets a lot of southern African wildlife.

Mahale National Park – this is habitat to chimpanzees and, the best place to visit to see them.

– Which safari activities are you interested in?

With an entire array of wildlife biodiversities, Tanzania offers a series of varied safari activities.

Walking safaris – this is among the best easy to personally experience Tanzania’s bush, a walking safari enables you to “feel” this environment with each and every sense in you. although it may not offer the big wildlife experience of  a vehicle safari, this is ceratinly a must try activity. Some nice parks include: Ruaha National Park, the huge Selous Game Reserve as well as Serengeti National Park.

Boating safaris – for several reasons, most wildlife game species are less lively when approached by boat (particularly elephant) and, because of that this can be a really relaxing and a fascinating way to experience your safari. Good park include: Selous Game Reserve

Vehicle safaris – by far the most used way of going for a Tanzania safari is in vehicles that I recommend that it is a closed sided 4WD vehicles or an open sided 4WD. These are a wonderful way of covering most of the ground and, since the animals are becoming more accustomed to seeing the vehicles, you will even get pretty close to them! Recommended parks: The northern parks and the southern parks

Which kind of accommodation are you interested in?

This question comes down to your travel budget as the majority of the more expensive properties are the permanent ones and, because of that the minimal budget may leave out these. With that in mind, even for visitors on a more costly budget, i still recommend a number of the lavishness tented camps to actually feel the wilderness surrounding you. Some examples include: Sayari Mara Camp, Greystoke’s Mahale, Singita Sasakwa, Beho Beho, Tarangire Treetops, Oliver’s Tented Camp and Lake Manze Tented Camp.

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