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Where to go in Tanzania

A summary of where to go and what is available

Tanzania is among the most greatly bio-diversified countries on the African continent, with the beautiful palm fringed sand shores of the large Indian Ocean to its east, the dense mountainous Mahale forests to the west, the riverine Miombo forests of the large Selous to the south plus the volcanic plains in Serengeti to its north; there is so much to choose from! Normally, for most of the visitors, the question asked is “where to do their safari?” as this aspect is often the most costly part and, for that reason, can dictate your plans.

Where to do your safari in Tanzania?

As a brief starting point, go through these summaries of the different areas below that might actually point you to the right way to go. In brief, however, what it normally simply means is how eager you are to watch the annual Great Migration in the Serengeti. For approximately four months in the year, starting in July to the end of October, the large herds of wildebeest are found around the border of Tanzania and Kenya, and that is actually the best time to observe them (the peak season) and the itineraries are somewhat more costly than at other months throughout the year.

In case you are not interested in watching these large herds, but are still interested in a good quality safari in Tanzania, you may opt to explore the southern large parks of Ruaha National Park and the Selous Game Reserve which as well offer very rewarding views of wildlife. These game parks are greatly less visited compared to those found in the north and, so the total costs as well as general time you will spend traveling to and from there are minimal.  Because of that, this part of the country is where we usually recommend most of the visitors.

The final area to consider for the safari section is the western parks of the Mahale National Park and Katavi National Park. Located right over on the western edge of Tanzania, they are very infrequently visited and, as such, provide some of the most untouched safari and chimpanzee experiences possible on the continent…definitely something worth a think about.

What are the top safari destinations to Visit in Tanzania ?

  • Ngorongoro  Conservation Area  Animals are trapped in a broken caldera basically congregate to graze, hunt, survive and ultimately die.
  • Serengeti National Park  The vastness of the plains serves as home to one of the largest populations of wild animals in the whole world.
  • Selous Game Reserve The most attractive wildlife safari viewpoint in Africa ideal for more adventure in the less traveled parts of Africa.
  • Lake Manyara National Park  Named after the lake Manyara, this park hosts a large number of elephants plus the tree-climbing lions.
  • Tarangire National Park  Find the true breeze of the formerly regarded ‘Undiscovered Africa’ especially the southern section of this less visited park.
  • Mahale Mountains  Thinking of watching the primates in Tanzania ? Mahale is home to largest population of chimpanzees in the whole world.
  • Zanzibar Holidays Family holidays, relax at the romantic beaches of Zanzibar, lots of activities including, swimming, diving and so much.

Where to go for the beach in Tanzania?

This is Another a question that is frequently asked by visitors. The majority of those that set their sights on this country are as well frequently thinking of a brief stay on the Zanzibar island, origin of the finest spices and the tropical breeze of the Indian Ocean. the island of Mafia and also Pemba are Less popular, however they are located to the north as well as to the south of the renowned Zanzibar island. Nonetheless, these are the perfect destinations for those interested in diving; they are among the Tanzania destinations worth putting into consideration, although for those interested in enjoying the beautiful beach these are not the best places since they also are mangrove islands and for that reason the beach stretch is very small than what you anticipate.

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